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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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doubt over the prospects of a solution being down to the deepening debt crisis. of europe's financial turmoil has intensified calls within the u.k. to leave the struggling bloc next door to discusses the prospects of that happening in the future of the euro zone with the british conservative party m.p. that is cause well. i'm in manchester with douglas collins well he's a conservative member of parliament he said the political system in this country is broken and in urgent need of reform he's also renowned euro skeptic douglas gansler thanks for talking to us we use this catch all term euro skeptic what does that mean old style euro skepticism in this country used to be about trying to take this country back it used to be an inherently conservative movement that was about trying to take us back to a sort of one nine hundred fifty s. status quo i don't have much truck with that at all i mean you're
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a skeptic because i want change and i want to really change the way this country is run i think fundamentally europe is in the mess that she is today because she's trying to do too much by conscious deliberate design how currency is a mess because it's a product of conscious design agricultural policy have fisheries policy trade policy you know we need to let go and we need to allow the different parts of the european continent to do what suits them best incidentally i would say that that's why the european continent grew to global prominence in the first place it's precisely because we never had the political centralization that russia had but china had the mogul empire had that the ottomans had that europe was allowed to prosper in the first place so we need a decentralized europe and i'm afraid i think that means rejecting the whole e.u. project completely so you think that question should leave correct we should have an in out referendum and i would vote for us to come out of the european union the european union a nine hundred fifty s.
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political structure it's an outdated architecture for a modern continent. when we joined the european union or what became the european union in the early one nine hundred seventy s. western europe at that time accounted for thirty six percent of global g.d.p. today the european continent accounts for far less than that by twenty twenty it will account for a mere fifteen percent of global g.d.p. we joined what we thought. was a prosperous trade block it turns out we shackled ourselves to a corpse i think we're better off out and you talk about an in out referendum but isn't there a middle way where we have a trade relationship with europe that without any of the politics involved in effect if we had only referendum and most people voted for us to leave the european project as it is we know that your opinion and massive still be there we would still have people with whom we want to be good neighbors personally i would like us to continue to have the free trade and the free movement of people between
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our countries we would still have to cooperate but i think that can best be done through bilateral structures or by ad hoc arrangements. i would personally like us to to stop being rather grudging tenants in the european. apartment and become good neighbors to the european countries that are next to us we need good relations with continental europe but we're not getting them by being in this one nine hundred fifty s. apartment block despite the fact that you k. didn't actually join the euro saying british taxpayers are still covering the currency to the tune of billions of pounds is that wrong it's absolutely wrong you know we have found ourselves in the ludicrous position of having to bail out a currency that we chose not to join and i think it's wrong for us to have increased british liabilities to over twenty billion to prop up a currency that i think needs to be allowed to break up. within europe within
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recent years we have allowed new currencies to be created when slovakia broke away from the czech republic they did so very simply by creating a new currency when argentina had pegged to currency to the u.s. dollar turned out to be a disastrous mistake brought about by politicians and when is ours when eventually they had to break that link they were able to devalue their currency default on their debts and start again and as a result of that both slovakia and. argentina are doing pretty well that i think is the answer for greece for portugal for ireland probably for spain and for italy another way perhaps of looking at it is that maybe the german center of the euro zone should be allowed to establish its own currency whichever way you look at it it involves breaking up the euro and greece has recently said admitted really that it's not going to be able to meet its obligations certainly for the next year and possibly for two years under current circumstances how much the british banks stand to lose in greece portugal and ireland well british banks are liable for quite
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a lot of money billions of pounds at least that used to be regarded as quite a lot of money until our government started printing it but you know. the case the british banks are going to take a hit and they're going to take a hit not because of some abstract problem in the eurozone they're going to take a hit because their investment teams on their fixed income debts bought greek and portuguese and other government debt that they regarded as fixed income but turned out to be a really bad investment now when my constituents buy shares in a company that's badly run and lose money the government doesn't step in and underwrite their loss so i'm very very concerned that taxpayers in my constituency will be asked to bail out banks that brought this upon themselves now if if it is the case that we are going to have to prop up some of these banks because these banks have been so badly run such victims of their own greed that unless we do so our economy will disintegrate then then at least let's prop up the banks here in
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britain let's not channel all that money all the way via athens violet's been a viable third party countries if the problem really is that we don't want to allow banks in this country to face the consequences of their own fiscal folly then let's address that here in this country rather than channeling money through third party countries that is all very well to say british money isn't bail out british banks but we're we're operating within a block here and we listen it's not not an isolated place yes of. course there is a large degree of interdependence in the global economy and a good thing too but the idea that. simply because if banks you know if there is a default in the eurozone british banks will take it therefore we've got to keep on signing a blank check that's absurd and think think through the logic of that you know ever since the bailout started eighteen months ago every single bailout has increased the amount of debt greece portugal and ireland well perhaps owns an exception but greece and portugal certainly have more debt today than they had when the bailouts
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began you know at what point do we realize that these bailouts are not helping these the first bailouts in history that are scooping and ladling water into the boat eventually they're going to sink it you're sort of floating an almost an isolationist line how does that tally with for example a person going into libya i mean isn't it sort of isolationism on the one hand expansionism on the other on the contrary if you think that what i said was isolationist i probably didn't make myself very clear i want britain to be a truly global player and not locked in a small room in the north west coast of europe doing everything with two or three other countries i want us to be truly global players it's right that we're global players by virtue of locking ourselves in the diplomatic room with europe i think we have less influence than we would have written after all countries around the world that will once in effect britain australia new zealand even india the
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rising power of india has a commodore system and a parliamentary system like our own we have so much in common with the world why are we shutting ourselves away from it it is the european project that is making us an isolationist and let's go on about politics more generally is britain broken as the prime minister says well our political system i think has broken our political system i think in effect what we have is an eighteenth or nineteenth century system of parliamentary. democracy trying to hold to account a twenty first century size government it doesn't work it doesn't work. well in the interest of the taxpayer or in the interests of getting the best public policy again and again and again people vote for something it's not delivered and the people that they vote for end up simply providing excuses as to why it doesn't happen i think we need more direct democracy we need instead of delegating decision making to politicians who then delegate power to the whitehall elites in the
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mandarins we need direct democracy so that people can choose things for themselves and in this country my grandfather's generation used to have food rationing what they had in their larder at home in their kitchen was given to them by government you know those days are gone and a good thing two people can now choose for themselves what they eat they can choose for themselves where they go on holiday they can choose themselves the clothes they wear why can't we have a little bit more choice about the public policy in which we dress ourselves as well as from the outside the situation in the u.k. looks pretty darn corruption in the media media's close links to u.k. politics particularly the conservative party these old boys' network the political system that's very slow to reform itself what kind of message saying that sends to people who are losing their jobs and suffering from state cutbacks you're absolutely right britain has had a series of crises of the elites and we've seen from the m.p.'s expense candle from the hacking inquiry and the close collusion allegedly between senior police
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officers and the media the banking crisis we've seen a series of crises where the political elite has got it wrong what all these crises have in common number one they were all unaccountable concentrations of power now what's extraordinary is that the age of digital democracy the age of the internet allowed us to see what m.p.'s were doing with public money it allowed the whole thing to come out it allows people to hold to account. the rich and the powerful not just in this country but throughout the world so i think in a sense although these crises are a bag they show which way the wind is blowing we're going to have more openness in government unaccountable concentrations of power whether they exist in banking the media or politics are going to be broken open everything that the internet touches it opens up it opens up to greater accountability that's going to happen in politics and a very good thing too now politicians minor like it political parties might lose market share to new entrants in politics there may be more competition to decide
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who gets to be our politicians but this is a good thing direct democracy is good and what's preventing you from pushing through the political reforms that you so clearly desire well i would like us to have gone much further in opening up the political system in britain to choice and accountability you might say we need our own version of glasnost we need to make sure that the people in westminster are vulnerable to the wishes and the will of the people in a way that they're not we need openness we've gone some way to delivering that but we've not gone far enough and i think the reason why we've not gone far enough is bluntly because it suits the political class to carry on with some of the n satisfactory things we we have at the moment we promised that we would allow the voters the power to record. their own politicians they have it in california they have it in many american countries in fact most of your viewers i'm sure can be recalled from their line of work pretty much any day of the week yet politicians
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you can't sack them for five years and in safe constituencies even longer i would like to allow the people to directly hire and fire the political plus some changes have been made to make things better but not nearly enough and no prizes for guessing why that is because well thank you very much thank you.
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crowds took to the streets to protest. the report found a new generation of bombs was deployed by american forces. seven years ago. and plans on saving the euro but risk is a crucial meeting of european finance ministers this council head of wednesday's summit has cost down to over the prospects of a solution being the deepening debt crisis. well that's what's news with andrew and the fallout between terrorism matches the city just gets worse and worse
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doesn't it he is now threatening to sue the manager after being fined for refusing to play in a match where we look at that plus could it be a story and carry to the season for russia's tennis stars i've got the details in about. hello there you're watching the sport and this is what is coming up stunned any stamboul murray to wrap of the surface a shock defeat to some studies with the w t a championships. last pitch battle terror is threatening to sing man city cage man cine after being fined over a million dollars for refusing to play. and restoring some pride after their six one defeat to man city manchester united these past minnows old a shot to reach the quarter finals of the carling cup. but first maria sharapova his hopes of finishing the season as the women's number one suffered a blow she needs to reach the final at the w.t.
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a championship in the stamboul to have any chance of taking top spot but suffered a shock opening defeat to australian sam studies that the world's top eight players are taking part in this tournament the last one of the season are divided into two groups that badly that the semifinal places drop of a who's the number two seed was the favorite against days in the game in the white group at the astray and won the first set six one and then the second seventy five to take an unlikely victory although she is. thinking about the semifinal i will play victoria as a next. not quite i think you know obviously you want to try going to your matches even in the round robin till my scary but of course is a good chance if you if you win two so i guess it's a matter of coming out here to marry giving about the shot and hope to get that second ring and it's also bad news for the other russian in the tournament fears of one of the over by a shoulder injury she picked up at the kremlin cup in moscow last week the russian went down to check there between patrick of the today and she breaks the reigning wimbledon champion winning in just under an hour and
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a half six to six for the final score while also their top ranked dane was the at school game the upper hand in a topsy turvy tussle with her friend i'd need to get advance your opponent. had to come from a set down and wrote the polish serve four times in the second set to watch through that six two. and although the decider was close at one point they were tied for wozniacki won it six four for the match she's been at the top of the rankings for the last thirty six weeks and has every intention of staying. in the meantime as expected has been left out of the russian team for the fed cup final against the czech republic next month. here opting for the same team that beat italy in the semi's and that means of it is of honor will again lead the four time champions and will be joined by scotland in the sea of public change over and over. in other news now exiled manchester city striker color
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stover's is threatening to sue the club's manager roberto mancini was fined over one and a half million dollars after man cine accuse the argentine of refusing to come off the bench and play in the game against by munich last september an internal investigation by a man city backed the manager's claims but has maintained he only refused to walmart and is now considering seeing man cheney for defamation has a fortnight. appeal to the club board against the charge and if that fails you could take the matter to a premier league tribunals. meanwhile munched you know i did have avoided further humiliation after their six one drubbing at the hands of man city that weekend last night they got a three no win over fourth to the side over the shot in the fourth round of the carling cup united making eleven changes to the side for this game at the tiny recreation ground and they went ahead after a quarter of an hour a quick one to their between park jason and tom cleverley setting up dimitar berbatov for the first and the second came just before half time berbatov sliding
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the ball into the path of martha lowy. and antonio valencia saying that saved the best for last quality strike from him my side the boks wrapping up the win united banishing sunday's blues to pick a place in the last eight. also in the quarter finals of championship sides cardiff and crystal palace and also arsenal russia's striker under the a shove in scoring a one and setting up part two young's win against bolton there was also a start arsenal's new teenage signing alex alex chamberlain the eighteen year old was bought for twelve million pounds from southampton and carrick finger believes he can handle the pressure of being a young star. is a good example. to. control . creatures were in. control.
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and. example for for trouble in. meanwhile angie samuel s.o.u. has been nominated for the world football of the year award the cameroon international is on the short list of fifty along with ten barcelona plays the winner will be announced november the first who is scored four goals since he says his switch to and jean august fermenter for whom he scored thirty five goals in one season is latest came in his side's five three defeat to scar the weekend and it's time now to enjoy that and the rest of the strikes in the russian premier league that is goals galore. and.
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to. come.
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thank you. live. live.
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live . live live live live slip. up. yeah there were a ton of goals scored last week and now
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a new race has been added to the formula one calendar the u.s. state of new jersey will host the grand prix of america in twenty thirty with the new york skyline providing the backdrop the announcement was made by the new jersey governor who believes it will be a real hit with fans. it's great to be able to see that in june two thousand and thirteen for real and will be here for three days a three point two mile road race right here reported curial the palisades in west new york and we hearken. you should expect upwards of one hundred thousand people to attend each race over the three days beginning with practice on friday the qualifier on saturday and then the race on sunday and free will from all over the world to become its new jersey to see this race on this unique and exciting course that is a part of our state. meanwhile the sport will get its first taste of india this weekend a brand new food international circuit will be the venue for the country's first
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grand prix the track is deemed to be among the fastest in the world sebastian vettel and is red bull team may have already clinched the drivers and constructed world titles but with three races left teams still want to finish the season on a high and reckon the delhi circuit will throw up some new challenges. but we have a lot of. up and down. appeal in that one section and may need all the corners caught that of the. show or you because you could be more than companies big banking and the other credit to be sick of the. many of the breaking. into the corner and. brings us to the end of sports or a bit like. culture is that so much pride on a drug that you voted for him because there's the taliban bad guys vicious beginnings libya's national transitional council has announced the country's
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liberation from the gadhafi dictatorship what kind of country.
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cheering the killing of one man while ignoring the deaths of thousands of civilians in libya analysts point out the problems of the us media's approach to conduct his demise. plans on saving the euro risk as a crucial meeting of european finance ministers as chancellor head of wednesday's
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e.u. summit casting doubts of the prospects of a solution being counted deep in debt crisis. international study says the u.s. secret uranium based weapons and causing high levels of cancer birth defects talked to the author of the report. on air and online twenty four hours a day this is r.t. welcome to the program our top story now libya's new rulers are increasingly being accused of the kinds of abuses they were rebelling against when they overthrew colonel gadhafi insert the number of people have actually executed has risen to three hundred this comes on top of criticism that gadhafi is body was put on public display inside a meat market for edge for five days.